Ebby Underwood

Ebby Underwood, Graphic Designer

Ebby is a designer, illustrator, coffee addict, animal lover, and thrift shopping enthusiast who graduated from the Tyler School of Art in 2017. She is a self-proclaimed perfectionist who is passionate about the unique challenges and discoveries each design project presents. She channels her sense of wonder and love of learning into everything she creates. A collector by nature, she's always looking for inspiration everywhere in the world around her. 

Although she's lived in North Carolina for most of her life, She's fallen in love with Philly and feels truly at home here. Oddly enough, it wasn't until she moved up north that she started saying "y'all" and learned that she actually likes barbecue...Life is full of surprises. 

When she's not happily immersed in the details of a design project, Ebby can most likely be found out exploring somewhere, doodling in her sketchbook, practicing her (fake) Southern accent, reading, or talking to her beloved cat long-distance on the phone (true story).