we view each project as a unique creative opportunity and, therefore, do not try to impose a set style or "look" upon all of our work. 

team sk


Soonduk Krebs

President and Creative Director

Soonduk Krebs has been managing and operating SK Designworks since the beginning. Prior to forming SKDW, she worked as a practicing designer, during which time she learned how to understand and address the needs of a wide range of clients, from multi-national corporations, to small, local not-for-profit entities. Today, Soonduk uses her experience to develop creative, dynamic design solutions for some of the region’s most important commercial, educational, public service and not-for-profit institutions. Soonduk’s work has been featured in peer-reviewed publications, including Communication Arts, Graphis, Print, AR100, and How. Soonduk has been teaching graphic design at Tyler School of Art since her graduation. You will find her searching for cheap Broadway show tickets online whenever she has a little time. 


Georgie Constantinescu

Graphic Designer

Lesson 1 to winning over your coworkers: bring them Federal Doughnuts. That’s one insight Georgie has brought to the office. She also came with her upbeat personality that she channels to create elegant and funky designs with a distinctive look. Georgie has been in the business of creating since 2016 when she graduated from the Graphic and Interactive Design program at Tyler School of Art. When she’s not in the office creating, she’s likely at home nuzzling her cat Sylvester, or munching on some sort of fried food.


Madison Cichewicz

Graphic Designer

Madison is a recent graduate of Tyler School of Art, dog lover, and a morning person. She loves a challenge and communicating clear and simple solutions through her designs. She also loves tying in an educational component to her work to keep her learning. When she is not behind the computer you can find her playing volleyball or heading to the beach.


Ebby Underwood

Graphic Designer

Ebby is a coffee addict, animal lover, and thrift shopping enthusiast who graduated from the Tyler School of Art in 2017. She is a self-proclaimed perfectionist who is passionate about the unique challenges and discoveries each design project presents. She channels her sense of wonder and love of learning into everything she creates. A collector by nature, she's always looking for inspiration everywhere in the world around her.

When she's not happily immersed in the details of a design project, Ebby can most likely be found out exploring somewhere, doodling in her sketchbook, practicing her (fake) Southern accent, reading, or talking to her beloved cat long-distance on the phone (true story). 


Jack Tripper

Office Manager

As the studio gate-keeper, Jack is always dressed in a short black t-shirt that shows off his muscular arms and aggressive tattoos. He stays in his office with the door closed most of the time. He doesn’t talk much, preferring to remain focused on his job. He is not all work and no play, however. When we do turn him loose, he uses his mixology expertise to make a mean margarita.